Be better everyday.

Back in June 2015, our company operated as just a one-person business selling T-shirts on Teespring & Sunfrog under the name of Teemazing with the idea of bringing ‘amazing-Tees’ to customers. In the years since, from a small business with just one employee but with a strong belief, our company has grown into a team of dedicated young people sharing the same goals. That’s when Teemazing was established. After five years of development, we’re proud to be one of Vietnam’s leading Startups of the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Since then, we’ve been focusing on the personalization field and thriving to grow as fast as we can with the main goals:

  • Expand the product portfolio
  • Using technology to leverage scaling opportunities and bring an exciting shopping experience to customers
  • Improve and be better every day

Mission :
Deliver happiness to customers, employees, and vendors. In Teemazing, we’re not only trying to deliver the best experience to the customers and pursue profitable growth but also prioritizing our employees’ and partners’ happiness as well.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to change the way customers shop online by taking advantage of technology and innovating continuously.

Our Goal:

To be a global leader in the personalization field by 2025


Our core values drive us on the right path and fulfill our goals.

Our core values are the foundations that have built a framework for leadership and daily decisions and help us enjoy our time at work. Our values shape our culture and define who we are, make us outstanding, and set us apart in an increasingly competitive industry.

The following core values and beliefs define what’s important to us at Teemazing:

    1. Always be a good person: Be considerate and mindful towards everyone: company, colleagues, customers, and business partners.
    2. Embrace and Drive Changes: Changes are not threats. We believe they’re opportunities if you know how to take advantage.
    3. Be Adventurous, Creative, Open-Minded and Courageous: We dare to take risks to find every new path. We are capable of learning from our own mistakes.
    4. Positive Team – Healthy Environment: We understand others and are always willing to help. In Teemazing, everyone is encouraged to give constructive criticism as we all want to achieve the best.
    5. Do More with Less, Work Smart
    6. Pursue Sustainable Growth: At Teemazing, We strive for sustainable growth of the Company and our employees
    7. Pursue commitment: Our actions are clear and consistent. We do what we say and make every effort to achieve our goals.
    8. Be Humble