Be better everyday.

Back in June 2015, our company operated as just a one-person business selling T-shirts on Teespring & Sunfrog under the name of Teemazing with the idea of bringing ‘amazing-Tees’ to customers. In the years since, from a small business with just one employee but with a strong belief, our company has grown into a team of dedicated young people sharing the same goals. That’s when Teemazing was established. After eight years of development, we’re proud to be one of Vietnam’s leading Startups of the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Since then, we’ve been focusing on the personalization field and thriving to grow as fast as we can with the main goals:

  • Expand the product portfolio
  • Using technology to leverage scaling opportunities and bring an exciting shopping experience to customers
  • Improve and be better every day

Our mission is to build a working environment where everyone can live and work to their fullest, where opportunities are given and individuals are encouraged to unleash their great potential, thus enabling them to grow and have a better future.

Our vision is to be the world’s leading gifting company, a reliable shopping destination for customers to discover and shop wonderful gifts for any occasion, for anyone, throughout their whole life.

6 Core Values:

  • 1% better every day

TMZ is a progressive collective, comprising individuals with a fierce desire for growth. We believe we can become a better version of ourselves. We are committed to practice to become 1% better every day and helping others to do it.

  • Persistence

When we encounter challenges, we consider them as an opportunity to learn and practice to become better, stronger and more resilient.

  • Kindness

Kindness is a choice. At TMZ, we choose to live and work with kindness towards one another, building and maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. Kindness is our compass, guiding us to make the right choices in challenging situations. It earns us the trust and respect of our teammates, partners, customers, and society. Kindness helps us to have peace of mind.

  • Audacious

As we consist of those with growth mindset, we are constantly pushing ourselves and our teammates to get out of our comfort zone every day. We dare to set ambitious goals, embrace hard work and willingly adapt, survive, and thrive.

  • Openness

The openness helps us to be untied, to try new things and open up unlimited potential for growth.

  • Take responsibilities

We believe that everyone should take responsibility for their own life. Only when we are aware of our role and choose to behave responsibly can we truly mature and grow.